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You want to know what is wrong with the house you are thinking of buying, right? (Because no house is perfect) I get it. That is why I'm here. I love taking people through the house they are thinking of buying and looking at every part of that house.

I am a caring and careful, thorough and experienced inspector who still remembers what it was like to buy his first house.

5+ years of Real Estate Experience
Huntington Board of Realtors Affiliate Member
Ongoing Continuing Education


We're already neighbors.
A long-time Huntington WV resident,
I'm always available to answer questions.

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Whole Home Inspection for Pre-Listing or Pre-Purchase - This is a standard Home Inspection. I inspect every part of your home that is visible and accessible. You receive a full report including photos, comments and recommendations emailed within 24 hours of completion of inspection. 

11th Month Inspection - Included with Pre-Purchase Inspections. If you purchased the home I inspected for you, schedule another inspection within the first year to see how your home weathered an entire season cycle. This is already paid for in your initial inspection fee.

Multi-Family Dwelling Home Inspection - The same careful and thorough home inspection mentioned above, but for a 2-4 unit apartment building. 

Annual Inspections - To keep an eye out for maintenance issues that may appear each year, schedule recurring whole home inspections. When scheduling, choose Residential Inspection and use discount code "Recurring" to save $75 on each subsequent inspection. This is available for Multi-Family Dwellings too.

Drinking Water Testing - Tests available for City Water and Well Water. These can be added onto any inspection or ordered as a standalone service.

'Is This Okay?' - Have you ever wanted someone to look at just one part of your house (like the crawlspace or the roof)? Let me be that someone. This is a discounted service where I examine only one system of your home.

Sample Report

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This is just like what you will receive within a day of the completion of the inspection of your home.
I try to make them as useful and as understandable as possible.
But if you ever have any question about anything on the report, don't hesitate to email, text or call.
I still work for you even after the inspection is completed.

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